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Dont You (LP 100 Hz Mix) - 400 Hz - Dont You (Vinyl)

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9 Thoughts to “ Dont You (LP 100 Hz Mix) - 400 Hz - Dont You (Vinyl) ”

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  2. Mazuramar
    5% power loss is a small fraction of a dB. feet of LMR at 14 MHz loses more even when perfectly matched. Yet contained in a box it's a bit of heat to deal with. "A kV 60 Hz three phase transmission line is miles long and has But I don't think you've ever put up an HF dipole fed with ladder line for use in an amateur.
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  4. Mezigore
    Aug 04,  · A= Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. There is a theory that the change from Hz to Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.
  5. Salkis
    Feb 27,  · There’s the actual tone (which at Hz is more like a fast drumming sound) and there’s the whooshing sound. It’s easiest to detect the whoosh stopping at Hz, but if you focus on the whoosh sound you can also hear it stop at Hz and Hz. I wasn’t able to hear it at any other frequencies.
  6. Mirr
    Tight bass is important for clarity in your mix, but the most significant source of muddiness is your low mids. I’m talking about the range around Hz. Many of the sounds you work with in your mix have energy in this area. If you don’t pay attention to carving out space in the low mids, you’ll end up with muddy, indistinct lows.
  7. Tosida
    Aug 31,  · This is an absolutely killer bleeps track that was played heavily on all the pirates at the time. You can almost taste / when you listen. Brilliantly morose in a style so many tunes from this short period seem to have channelled, plus great clear production. A personal favourite to this day. Just felt it needed some love on it's discogs /5(93).
  8. Jushicage
    Sep 23,  · IME, when you put a lot of instruments together (almost any kind of instruments), there's a build up in that range. And somebody already mentioned close-micing/proximity effect. Normally I don't do automation of EQ's, but lately I been thinking about trying it out, to see what it can do for me arrangement-wise.
  9. Moogushicage
    Feb 04,  · I normally cut everything under Hz in vocals when i'm mixing. i read that it's good to do that so it wouldn't get in the way of any low end sounds (bass, drums, ect.) does anyone else use this strategy also or do u deal with that frequency in a different approach. thanks for any helpful feedback!

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