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  1. Sakora
    ATSA Everyday® was started with a singleminded goal to design the best Everyday Carry (EDC) bags for personal mobility commuters. Serving people who ride, skate, cycle, scoot, and, hopefully in the very near future, hover to where they need to be. Take the road.®.
  2. Arashikazahn
    MIATSA is an independent ATSA chapter. As a voluntary membership organization, ATSA does not credential its members or certify any individual's fitness to provide services. ATSA recommends that questions about a member's credentials be directed to the appropriate professional licensing department or agency in the member's jurisdiction.
  3. Dakasa
    Prior to ATSA, passenger screening was the responsibility of airlines, with the actual duties of operating the screening checkpoint contracted-out to private firms such as Wackenhut, Globe, and ITS. Ticket counter agents were required to ask two .
  4. Voodoolar
    ATSA S.L. Neix l’any , fruit de la col·laboració d’assessors andorrans i espanyols. A partir de l’any , les obligacions fiscals al Principat d’Andorra han anat creixent fins arribar a l’entrada en vigor de l’Impost de Societats l’any i l’IRPF l’any
  5. Makasa
    The ATSA is a non-profit organization established in that regulates the sales and manufacture of storm shelters, ensuring that quality products are used and safe practices are followed. Our regulations are only required for companies that are selling shelters to customers who have a government rebate, so check to see if your shelter is.
  6. Vojora
    current ATSA Adult Practice Guidelines resource document. We extend our appreciation to the international, discipline–diverse membership of ATSA for the thoughtful insights and feedback on the initial draft of this document, and to the ATSA Executive Board of Directors for the careful review, critique, and ultimate approval of the final document.
  7. Vudoll
    ATSSA represents the road, traffic, and highway safety industry with effective legislative advocacy, traffic control safety training, and member partnership.
  8. Kajira
    Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia Ltd (ATSA) is the leading industry body representing the views and aspirations of assistive technology suppliers across Australasia to achieve excellence, quality, value and positive outcomes for suppliers, AT .

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